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Cruise Faux Pas


The Dirty Paw Award goes to those who partake in the following activities:




Staking out prime deck chairs for the whole day with towels, sun block and paperback book, then going to the afternoon movie or to the cabin for a nap.



One person holding front row seats at a show for a party of six who are still having dessert and coffee in the dining room.



Picking up numbered tender tickets for the first boat ashore, then going back to the cabin to get ready.



Cutting into the long line at the captain’s welcome aboard party by pretending to know someone near the front.



Monopolizing exercise machines like treadmills when there are people waiting.



Leaving your laundry in the washer or dryer for hours after the cycle has finished.



Accepting wine from the dinner table companions’ bottle but never buying a bottle yourself, or, even worse, letting the waiter fill your glass but only taking one sip and leaving the rest.




Have any pet peeves (pun intended) of your own?

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