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Become a Group Leader!



If you want to save money, have a great time, and get extra benefits, bring The Lofty Traveler your group of  8 cabins with 16 people or more, and I’ll do the work and show you how you can cruise for free!


Your group is depending on you to make wise decisions and stay organized.  I can help you with itinerary planning, customized flyers, registration forms, cruise videos, and cruise post cards.  Whatever I can do to make your group go smoothly, I’ll be happy to assist you.


Tips on Organizing a Group

We are all members of groups; by birth, by association, and by common interests.  The following are ideas of where you can get group members:

Family members
Acquaintances of family and friends
Social clubs
Health clubs
Church groups
Fellow volunteers
Alumni groups
Music clubs
Dance clubs
Aerobic groups
Professional organizations
Country clubs
Student groups
Business groups
Business incentive groups
Client appreciation groups
Educational or business seminars
Fund-raising groups


I Have a Group “What Next?”

Now that you have your group, schedule a group meeting.  Make it a social event by having everyone bring snacks and drinks.  You are the group coordinator, so be ready for the many details you will be faced with.  The following are some ideas that you will want to discuss with your group:


Now that you have discussed the basics with your group, it’s time to meet with The Lofty Traveler to begin getting prices and discuss the particulars that your group will require.  I’ll be asking the questions that are listed above and will work with you on prices and the planning materials that will make your job easier.  If you feel it necessary, I’ll even attend your next meeting to go over the details of the cruise to your group.  At this meeting we will pass out the registration forms for those that are interested.  This form will have space for the names of the passengers, their address, phone number, choice of cabin type, place for special needs, meal sitting choice, who they want to be cross-referenced with (for meal seating purposes), and whether or not they want travel insurance.  It will also give payment dates.  Your cruise is a vacation investment,  and I highly suggest the protection of travel insurance.


After the forms are filled out, I will then begin booking your group.  A couple of weeks before you cruise your documents will come in and be checked for correctness.  You will then be called and have the choice of picking them up, having them mailed or plan a “document party.”


I hope these suggestions have been helpful to you.  Please call The Lofty Traveler and allow me to help you with your next group!