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Lose To CruiseSM
The Gift of Health






The idea of LTCSM is to motivate people to commit to getting healthy and losing weight and then rewarding themselves with a FUN Carnival Cruise. This can be either an Individual or Group activity.




Here’s how “Lose To CruiseSM” Works:






1)    Learn About Lose To CruiseSM (LTCSM) and ask questions – We Are Here to Help!

~ Contact The Lofty Traveler
~ Contact Joe Rehm,  Health/Fitness Coach, 702.523.8026 / /JRC Fit




2)    Share LTCSM with your Family and Friends

~ Individuals who want to get healthy
~ Groups with members who want to get healthy:  Churches, Fitness Clubs, Family Reunions
~ Create teams and start a friendly competition



3)    Gather the deposit and book group or individual cruise with The Lofty Traveler



4)    Develop a payment plan with The Lofty Traveler to collect pledges and  make payments
~~ It’s recommended that organizations/groups have regularly scheduled meetings and weigh-ins at least once a month ~~



5)    Contact Joe Rehm to get assistance to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals


Lose To CruiseSM – The Gift of Health


LTCSM client chooses the Carnival Magic, 12/2/12 sailing.

Per Person Cost: $800.  Client commits to lose 40 pounds prior to the cruise.



Per Person Cost of Cruise $800
Christmas 2011 Gifts Received -$250


Client’s Commitment ($3/lb. Lost) -$120


Birthday Gifts Received -$150


Pledge #1 – $2.00/lb. from Sponsor #1  $80
Pledge #2 – $1.00/lb. from Sponsor #2  $40
Pledge #3 – $3.00/lb. from Sponsor #3  $120
Pledge #4 – $2.00/lb. from Sponsor #4  $40

Pledge Sub-Total


Final Balance Payment Due On ___________

Weight Loss (40 lbs. Total) 3.3 lbs./Month

*Any overage of funds could be used toward airfare.