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Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to get healthy?










Then check this out and contact me!

Joe  Rehm, Health/Fitness Coach
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Lose to Cruise (LTC)SM is a program developed to help combat obesity in America. Before introducing you to the LTCSM program, I would like to share some facts with you about the current and future state of obesity in America:





Here is a  video of what you could do with your body when you join LTCSM.


The goal of LTCSM is to help 1,000 people lose an average of 20 pounds which equals a whopping total of 20,000 pounds lost. The idea of LTCSM is to motivate people to commit to getting healthy and losing weight and then rewarding themselves with a FUN Carnival Cruise. This can be either an Individual or Group activity. Get your Church Group, your Family (Reunion), your Business or your Fitness Club involved to support you or better yet lose and get healthy with you.




Lose to Cruise (LTC)SM are both Service Marked and owned by Colleen Flynn.


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