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Pet Peeve

From an Internet posting:


I have heard about all the drunk kids and paying your life savings for ice cream….but now it is time to address a very serious concern that really hampers our ability to enjoy the cruise. That’s right….I’m talking about that older couple that dances so damn well together.


They never miss a step….always in time with each other…these people don’t dance…they float above the floor. What? Did the law of gravity get repealed and no one told me?


They make the rest of us just look down right bad. Hey, you two!!!! Go back to Arthur Murray’s where you came from….geez. Here I am trying to do my best….and along comes Fred & Ginger….and to top it off…don’t they just look like they are more in love than the day they met? Sickening, I tell you….absolutely sickening. There’s no telling what these people do when they’re alone in their cabin.


I am going to start a petition to get them banned from..the…wait…what’s that noise? Oh, no….not the…yes..YES, IT IS…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE…THEY ARE PLAYING A JITTERBUG SONG!!!!!


(Just a little humor for those who really do enjoy “that couple.” I sure hope we see them on our next cruise. I have a feeling we will.)