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Where Do River Cruises Go?


A diversity of choices allows travelers to experience a more genuine glimpse of the places they’re visiting, rather than the been-there, done-that tourist landmarks in most ocean cruise ports.











What’s the best time of year for a River Cruise?


Most river cruises have a “season,” the most popular periods being spring, summer and early autumn, when the weather is mild in most parts of the world. Some itineraries are specifically designed to take advantage of an area’s seasonal beauty. For example “Tulip Time” cruises highlight springtime in Holland and Belgium. Christmas Market cruises on the Rhine, Danube and Rhone Rivers transports holiday revelers old and young to villages that sparkle and sing during the Christmas season.


Recent history has shown that river cruises tend to book further in advance, up to a year before the sailing date, especially since Early Booking promotions offer the best deals.